Saturday, November 6, 2010


Over the years I have written the odd review for different sites.

Now, I believe, it's time to write them for myself and put my own spin on things. Labour of love? Possibly. Giving what I think and putting out there for everyone to see? Most definitely.

The reviews in here will reflect current CD releases, book reviews, movie reviews, game reviews and maybe even the odd live performance review. It really will depend on what I've been looking at. There may even be some vault reviews. Looking at music and books from the past.

All being said, once this blog is set up, I'm forever hunting new music and movies so will do my best to get them done as frequently as possible.

With sincere thanks as well to my dear friend Karen who created the title and background for this blog.

Any images or videos featured on the blog are not mine and have probably been found online. Those photos remain sole property of the copyright owner.

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