Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Music Review: Medina - Welcome to Medina

CD Review: Medina - Welcome to Medina

With the dance world beckoning, Danish sensation Medina has released her debut international album Welcome to Medina to the pleasure of clubbers world wide.

The album is packed with track after track of glorious cool but insistent beats. Kicking off with the title track Welcome to Medina and finishing with You & I (acoustic mix), the ear gets pleasured with a relaxed and refreshing dance sound that has been absent since the times when Tina Cousins released her first album.

The album was originally recorded and released in Danish back in 2009. Since then, Medina has gathered an international following thanks to the inclusion of her hit single You & I in the Ministry of Sound 2010 annual. Now it has been re-recorded and released in English and the listeners are lapping it up.

It's hard to select a single stand out track as effort has been poured into each track with slick production and chilled, haunting vocal work. The most well recognised song from the album is You & I due to it's popularity and inclusion on several compilation albums.

Sounding similar yet standing on it's own is Lonely which was released as a subsequent follow up single and has started to pop up on a few compilations as well.

Mesmerizing is Medina's track Addiction. It's smooth delivery and relaxed insistent beats keep it stuck in the listeners mind. It's easy listening nature combined with the overall feel of the album, is a winning combination.

The world is paying attention to the electropop work that is starting to appear and Medina is certainly making herself a forerunner in the field. Her single are appearing in the top 10 in Germany and even at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Charts.

This is a fantastic album and an amazing way for Medina to introduce herself to the international dance music scene. She doesn't put a foot wrong and gives us hit after hit with each one following a tried and true formula but still unique in it's own way.

Album available 7 Dec 2010 out now

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