Friday, April 13, 2012

Music Review: Serge Devant - Rewind

Following up the triumphant success of his 2009 debut Wanderer is Serge Devant with his electric sophomore album, Rewind. Filled with aural delight, the album is set to please trance lovers globally.

With such a high standard set by the release of his debut album, there was held breath as play was pressed for the first time. It was released as the first notes of Dice featuring the vocal beauty of Hadley first filtered through the speakers. The song is a mix of lush laid back beats with club sensibilities. It's a delight to the ear and excitement for the dance shoes.

3 AM Eternal is a track of musical delight. It has the anthemic makings of a Paul Van Dyk track with the driving beats of a TiĆ«sto classic. To compare Devant to the godfather's of trance may not be easy to stomach for some. After playing the album through, however, it is easy to see where the suggestion stems from.

One of the most exciting collaborations on the album is You & Me with Rachel Starr. Club goers around the world will rejoice at another stellar track from both Devant and Starr. The track is reminisce of Then There Was You by Starr and Addicted by Devant. The track is an instant classic and challenges the listener not to list it as an instant favourite.

On Your Own is an instantly likable track. The vocals are well played along with the music. The only downside is that it stops. Suddenly. The track sounds like it should have some extra play time but it doesn't and there's about 10 seconds of silence at the end of the track. Had it played out, it would have led nicely into True Faith. This is the ultimate song of the album. The song is everything that has been missing from music lately. The smooth vocals and catchy beat. Breath taking.

Appearing for the second time on the album is Hadley with the track Ghost. It's a catchy song and, as always, flawless delivery on the part of this stunning songstress. Listen to the song, immerse yourself in the sound and let the audio wash over your senses. The sensory delight is unparalleled.

The last four tracks are what we have been waiting for. The final tracks of the album that are purely instrumental. Their driving beats, the bounce and rythm that is everything that that a good dance producer should look for. The tracks, while easily to tell the difference between each track, what is indistinguishable is the fantastic way that they play to the ear. The energy of each song is excited and rivetting. This is what trance should be. This is what music should be. This is what anthems are made of.

Serge Devant was always going to triumph with his return, there was never any doubt. Whether he would meet the previous standard or exceed it was the question. Devant has set an all new standard even for himself. Rewind is a dance music masterpiece. For anyone who has a love of electronica, this album should be listened to at the very least.

Rewind is out now through Ultra Records