Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review: Diane Adams - A Place to Run

Book Review: Diane Adams - A Place to Run

Following up her largely successful writing debut, Our December, Diane Adams has wowed audiences world wide with the second part of her stunning series 'The Making of a Man'. A Place to Run is an amazing and emotive piece that will leave the sternest of hearts a little watery eyed.

Following the story of Alex and Jared, the heart gets swept away with the trials of a grown man dating a younger man. There is nothing held back with the raw emotion that both of the two main characters face. It's a learning curve for both and a bliss to read. The story deals with real situations and heart breaking moments. The story will bring out random giggles and make tears spill.

A Place to Run deals with the painful trial of coming out that many gay men face. Adams has taken this in her stride and proven just who much of a powerful writer she is. The moments where the tears won't stop falling as the heartache and confusion of Alex reigns supreme while dealing with how to tell his mother that he prefers the company of men. It's a story that many out gay men will be able to relate to.

Fortunately, rather than spending the entire story crying, there are light hearted moments between the two men and even a bit of light raunch to kick the story off. The story focuses on how deeply the two characters care for each other and just how beautiful love can be. Gender regardless.

The story can be read more than once and never get tired. It's a strong follow up to what was already a brilliant first story. A Place to Run is one of those stories that won't date quickly and people can find something to relate to and hold close.

Adams is an amazing writer with a huge amount of talent for dealing with touchy subjects in a sensitive and respectful manner. Each time she announces a new release you reach for the kleenex. To wipe the tears of both laughter and sadness. Adams will have you on the edge of your seat emotionally and begging for the next installment of her series.

A Place to Run is out now through Silver Publishing

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music Review: Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Music Review: Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

After a dismissal reception to her last album, Circus, Britney has returned with a brand new album which she says her best album yet. Amazingly, this album isn't terrible. Go figure.

The album is full of dance classics. A hint of dub step, a bit of house throb and a pinch (handful) of auto tune. That aside, the overall feel of the album will appeal to people who have grown with Britney and the club culture. Each song is unique and enjoyable. 

The album starts off with the amazing track Til The World Ends. It loops and throbs. The sound of the music is destined to grace club speakers worldwide. It's actually a bit confusing that this isn't the lead single off the album.

Hold It Against Me is the song that got everyone's attention back on Britney. It's not following her usual generic radio disposable pop crap. It shows a bit of substance. Maybe not lyrically, but with the bump and grind that play throughout the track, it's certainly not something to be ignored.

The only real ballad on the album (no, it's okay - you don't need to cringe at this one) is Inside Out. The stop start at the feel of the track will have you wondering if the track is playing. It's creative if the artistic types are to be believed. The song sounds like something that is akin to Madonna's Ray of Light era. The difference is that this song is a lot more sexier. With the chorus starting "So come on, won't you give me something to remember, Baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out." Someone pass me a cold drink.

One of the highlights of the track is I Wanna Go. The heavy thump of the bass and thrilling electronic sound will please clubbers worldwide. It will also need very little remixing to be a club anthem. This could very easily be the best work she has released in a long time. You want the album for this track alone.

People listening to the track (Drop Dead) Beautiful could be forgiven for thinking that they were listening to Blow by Ke$ha with the backing tracks sounding near identical. The track takes on it's own life with the exciting rapping by guest vocalist Sabi. The track is certainly easy to listen to but isn't one of the highlights. It's a fill in track much like the following track Seal It With A Kiss. The vocals are well done and production slick, it won't set your heart on fire though.

Big Fat Bass. It's a Will.I.Am track. I was prepared to shake my head and fill my ears with hot wax. Amazingly, I didn't need to. The track has a similar feeling to his Black Eyed Peas work while still keeping the Britney feel. It's got the right sounds to have feet stomping and hips gyrating. Throbbing bass and repetitive lyrics. It's a club kid dream.

Trouble for Me sounds like something you would expect to hear on a Ministry of Sound album. It's a surprise to hear on an UNremixed Britney track. It may have something to do with the producer being Fraiser T. Smith who has written tracks for the likes of Taio Cruz, Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole. The production of this track is amazing.

Finishing the album is Criminal which, after an album of electronic whistles, bangs and beeps is refreshing. The album is a guitar driven piece which is mid-tempo. The track is different from anything else on the album and has it's own unique flavour.

This is the album Britney should have made instead of Circus. It's track after track of stunning music. The bass throbs. The hooks and beeps drag you in. The album is a piece of dance music history and proves that Spears will continue to exist much the same as Madonna, constantly re-inventing herself and bringing something new to the table with each new album.

Femme Fatale is out in Australia 25th March 2011 and 29th March 2011 worldwide.