Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review: Diane Adams - A Place to Run

Book Review: Diane Adams - A Place to Run

Following up her largely successful writing debut, Our December, Diane Adams has wowed audiences world wide with the second part of her stunning series 'The Making of a Man'. A Place to Run is an amazing and emotive piece that will leave the sternest of hearts a little watery eyed.

Following the story of Alex and Jared, the heart gets swept away with the trials of a grown man dating a younger man. There is nothing held back with the raw emotion that both of the two main characters face. It's a learning curve for both and a bliss to read. The story deals with real situations and heart breaking moments. The story will bring out random giggles and make tears spill.

A Place to Run deals with the painful trial of coming out that many gay men face. Adams has taken this in her stride and proven just who much of a powerful writer she is. The moments where the tears won't stop falling as the heartache and confusion of Alex reigns supreme while dealing with how to tell his mother that he prefers the company of men. It's a story that many out gay men will be able to relate to.

Fortunately, rather than spending the entire story crying, there are light hearted moments between the two men and even a bit of light raunch to kick the story off. The story focuses on how deeply the two characters care for each other and just how beautiful love can be. Gender regardless.

The story can be read more than once and never get tired. It's a strong follow up to what was already a brilliant first story. A Place to Run is one of those stories that won't date quickly and people can find something to relate to and hold close.

Adams is an amazing writer with a huge amount of talent for dealing with touchy subjects in a sensitive and respectful manner. Each time she announces a new release you reach for the kleenex. To wipe the tears of both laughter and sadness. Adams will have you on the edge of your seat emotionally and begging for the next installment of her series.

A Place to Run is out now through Silver Publishing

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