Monday, April 11, 2011

Show Review: Sammy J & Randy in Bin Night

Show Review: Sammy J & Randy in Bin Night

Never let it be said that the Melbourne International Comedy Festival doesn't showcase the most brilliant of comic minds from around the world. Included this year are two home grown talents in their latest show Bin Night. Yes, Sammy J and his purple pal Randy are back with another laughter filled hour of madness, slapstick and expletives.

Following up there 2010 sensation, Ricketts Lane, the team are back for more comedy featuring a tall, skinny man and a purple puppet. Sammy J and Randy (with the talented Heath McIvor pulling his strings) are back with another outlandish and out of control show.

The quality of the show is just as high now as when the pair launched themselves onto the stage, missed the top step, stumbled and fell into the spotlight looking slightly dazed. The amount of jokes, quips, touching moments and brief moments of possessiveness regarding a bin (don't ask - it's safer that way) that can be fit into an hour will leave the audience amazed, if not a little befuddled.

The pair are chasing the bin bandit. The mysterious figure who keeps stowing their trash in Sammy and Randy's bin. The hilarity comes from the shenanigans that the pair got up to. From the singing pizza box through to the snibbing of snibby bits (it's no less confusing when it's explained in the show than it looks written down) there is laughter that will left people in the audience with tears from laughing so much.

As per any good comedy show, nothing is sacred. From Ringtail Possums to Peru to Tom Cruise and even Father Time, everything is fair game. Even playing off each other missing the occasional line or an eye related incident, the pair soldiered on with their improvisational skills stunning and wowing the audience that say before them.

From start to finish, Sammy J & Randy provide hilarity and amusement for the crowd and make sure that the audience gets their money's worth. From the included songs to the madcap slapstick humor, the pair have shown why they won the 2010 Barry for Best Show (for Ricketts Lane) and delivered another comedic masterpiece.

If you get a chance to see this show, make sure you do. A tall, white, skinny man and a purple, somewhat acerbic, and sarcastic puppet. It's comedy gold in any language.

Bin Night is playing until Sunday 24th April at Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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