Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Review: Katie Underwood - Ain't Nobody's Baby

Music Review: Katie Underwood - Ain't Nobody's Baby

From her beginnings with reality TV show Popstars and then forming the band Bardot way back in 2000, Ms Katie Underwood has been quiet and now released her debut solo album Ain't Nobody's Baby.

Before the public runs screaming fearing a solo version of Bardot's radio disposable music, they can breathe easy. The album is made up of beautifully crafted jazz songs which highlights Underwood's talent and her stunning voice.

The album sound glorious and is refreshing to anyone who listens to it. The production team have put together an amazing album which matches Underwood's voice perfectly.

From the start of the opening track I'm in the Mood for Love, you know that you are in for something special. The brass, the piano, the sultry vocals in Underwood's familiar tone. The album is just one spectacular track after another.

Highlights of the album certainly include the title track Ain't Nobody's Baby and her versions of jazz classics Under My Skin, the stunning Cole Porter classic, and Fever which was originally recorded by Little Willie John. Underwood has breathed fresh life into both tracks. 

Way back when in 2002, Underwood worked with Disco Montego and released a club favourite Beautiful. Grab this album to hear her stunning jazz reworking of the single. Hearing both interpretations, it is near impossible to pick which is the preferred version.

Never let is be said that Katie Underwood is not a brave woman. Included on this stunning album is her version of the Leonard Cohen classic track Hallelujah. With the piano playing softly in the background, Underwood's voice carries the song beautifully. It could have been a triumph or disaster. Thankfully, this came off as a success and triumph.

The album as a whole is a creative triumph and has cemented Underwood as a role model for Australian talent. With her name credited for co-writing several of the tracks, she proves her talents don't purely lie in front of the microphone.

Gone are the days of Bardot. Here come the days of Katie Underwood, musical artist, extraordinaire.

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