Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Review: Sade - Soldier of Love

Music Review: Sade - Soldier of Love

With their sixth album in twenty five years, Sade has returned with their latest album Soldier of Love and has recaptured the imaginations and ears of listeners worldwide. With their lush sounds and renowned stunning smoky vocals they have set a benchmark for any other artist to live up to. 

Their opening track The Moon and the Sky is rippling with emotive vocals and lyrics setting the tone for the entire release. The track is a welcome reminder of what Sade is all about. The ambience and relaxing qualities make the track standout from anything that they have previously done. 

The title track Soldier of Love is far more percussive than anything the band has ever released. The sharp hip/hop sounds are a step in a new direction for the band while, at the same time, staying true to what is almost expected. 

Babyfather shows the band experimenting with an almost Jamaican sound and is composed of lush sounds and lyrics telling the story of a father/daughter relationship. It's sweet and melodic and leaves the heart of anyone who has troubles with their father aching to pick up the phone and just call him to say hello. 

Not content to stay with one genre, further experimentation comes across in Be That Easy which is a borderline country music track. The relaxed vocals and melody create a comfortable atmosphere for the ear. The unobtrusive sounds are calming and blend easily into the background. 

Other tracks on the album blend seamlessly into each other. The smooth production and careful consideration, time and effort that has been put into each and every song shows resplendently and showcases the sheer overwhelming talent that the band posses. 

The final track is The Safest Place and will remind any listener of what they experienced when they first heard Sade. The same ambient instruments. The relaxed atmosphere. The chilled out vocals. The culmination of what has made Sade such a landmark band since their inception all those years ago. 

Soldier of Love is not only an album suited to a dinner party but can be played when ready to kick back and relax after a long day at work. The true majesty of Sade is in abundance throughout the release. The beauty of the vocals and the calm tones of the music. It is a testament to why they have enjoyed such longevity without the ongoing and continual releases of some other artists which pollute today's airwaves.

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