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Review from the Vault: Cascada - Evacuated the Dancefloor

Music Review: Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor

What better way to follow up being the opening act for Britney's tour in Germany than to release a brand new album. Evacuate The Dance Floor is the third album to be released by German based trio Cascada.

Staying true to what has become their niche in the music world, Cascada have followed their tried and true formula with lead singer Natalie Horler belting out each track with all she's got. The music is their signature radio friendly dance music that the world has come to know them for.

Leading of the album is the title track Evacuate The Dance Floor which has gotten mass radio play with it's bouncing music and thumping bass. The best thing about the track is the fresh take on their signature sound and the catchy lyrics which get stuck in your head. The surprise inclusion on the track is the male vocals and their eager rapping. It adds to the dynamic by adding a new dimension to Cascada's previously female only vocals. The song has also been compared to Lady Gaga's releases. Whether or not this is the case, Evacuate The Dance Floor has turned into Cascada's biggest hit to date.

The second track on the album is Hold On which almost sounds like their previous hit single Because The Night. The music itself has similarities but the vocal delivery is near identical at parts. It's still a great track but when you listen to it more than twice, it loses the sense of originality.

The third track Every Time I Hear Your Name has been dubbed the pinnacle of the album by various reviews. The track features a quick tempo and vocal delivery by Holler that is unsurpassed on any of the band's other work. It's catchy and radio friendly sure to catch the attention of listener's all over the world.

Ready Or Not is another unsurprising track on the album. Like the rest of the album, it's catchy and quirky. Unfortunately it falls into the trap of sounding like How Do You Do from the first album. It has its own merit of catchy lyrics and vocal work. A riff that sticks in the listener's mind and a pounding bass that will have the foot tapping but it won't be remembered when the next track comes out over the speakers.

The tracks Fever and Breathless sound like there are trying to cash in on Kelly Clarkson's pop/rock feel. Fever could very easily have been included on any of Kelly's releases. The track certainly has a dance inspired feel. Unfortunately the other track Breathless seems to borrow heavily from Since U Been Gone. From the guitar at the start to the rhythm the words seem to fall in up to the chorus. Once the chorus hits, you could almost sing the lyrics to Kelly's hit and have it sound near the same. The pace is a bit different given that Cascada is a dance act but that's just about the only difference.

Changing gears is Hold Your Hands Up which is a guitar driven mid-tempo track. Horler doesn't have auto tune going on the track and shows her true ability as a singer. The song itself could have appeared on an early Britney album but Cascada have taken hold of the song and made it their own. When you listen to the track, you can almost see the crowd waving in unison at the chorus or the waving of lighters in time. It's a very simplistic pop song that radio will play a few times, have a few teens singing along before they move onto the next track.

Not even the previous smash hit singles from the band are safe from a repeat with Dangerous being incredibly similar to their debut Every Time We Touch in all aspects of delivery apart from the lyrics. One is easily interchangeable for the other. If you've heard the original, you've heard this track.

Throbbing away to the bass heavy music is 90s floor-filler throwback What About Me. Packed full of energy and an excited delivery by Horler the track will have the heaviest of feet tapping along with the track. The track isn't a cover but an original piece. They haven't even recycled past work for the track. It's cool and catchy and worth at least a listen.

Yanou's Candlelight Mixes in the past have always been a highlight of any artist's tracks. Unfortunately the final track Draw The Line hold no conviction in it's delivery. Horler sounds like a very talented singer who doesn't believe in what she's singing. It's hard to fault the vocal work or the music itself. The fault lies in the lack of emotion throughout the track.

With over 11 million albums sold worldwide, it's not hard to see why Cascada have gone for the tried and true formula which has served them so well in the past. Unfortunately it's nothing that we haven't heard from them before. The album is certainly for fans or people who have never heard of Cascada before. If you already have the previous two albums, don't worry about this one - you already have it.

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