Thursday, November 25, 2010

Internet Phenomenon Review: Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

Internet Phenomenon Review: Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

So it would be remiss to have a review about pop culture and not mention this internet phenomenon that has swept the world. The vocal works of Sam Tsui and the production team of Kurt Schneider.

It is absolutely amazing to listen to. Tsui is quite a talented singer and his vocal range is impressive. Schneider is a diverse musician as well and also doubles up as the team's producer.

The pair have appeared on Oprah and The Bonnie Hunt Show performing both times and wowing the audience with their sheer ability. The smooth delivery of each performance and Tsui taking on each song like he was the one who first performed it. This is just an incredible team.

With taking on the challenge of doing an A Capella Michael Jackson medley, the pair surged to popularity. Since then they have gone from strength to strength doing covers of hit songs like Fireflies by Owl City, Don't Stop Believing as made famous by Glee and a second medley of Lady Gaga songs.

This pair have proved they are more than a flash in the pan and it'll be interesting to see where they go from now on. For now, have a look at their youtube clips and marvel at the phenomenon. 

The link for their complete youtube channel is:

Michael Jackson Medley:

Love the Way you Lie Mash Up

And the latest masterpiece Just A Dream by Nelly

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