Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Review: Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops

The ex-Girls Aloud singer has unleashed her talent upon us again. With her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, set to be appearing on Australian shelves 12th November, Ms Cole reminds us why she’s been around in the industry for a few years.

From the opening track Promise This, you can tell that this is going to be a little more special that generic pop products that seem to inundate the airwaves. The energetic beats and interspersed French line certainly is catchy and will get stuck in your head.

Following up is Yeah, Yeah featuring Travie McCoy (you know, that guy from Gym Class Heroes... yeah, I didn’t either). The song is electro infused and has a good rhythm and catchy riff. I had to re-listen to find McCoy’s input in the song. The focus was on Ms Cole’s delivery and the music with her smooth delivery.
Live Tonight relies quite heavily on being bass driven to pull in the attention to the track. The song isn’t a stand out or anything particularly special but it certainly provides a nice filler from the dance feel of Yeah, Yeah and the following overly emotional song The Flood.

Speaking of The Flood, welcome to what is considered to be one of the best tracks on the album. It’s honest. It’s sincere. You can’t help but hear that the talented Ms Cole is singing about something that means something to her.  It’s enthralling and fascinating.

Whoever thought that the track Amnesia would be good for Ms Cole should be shot. The track has a Bollywood sounding influence. It is a catchy song. Ms Cole is a talented singer. This doesn’t mean that the two should be paired. The song is something closer to a J-Lo release that Ms Cole’s.

Coming to the rescue is Everyone featuring Dizzee Rascal with the electro infused dance beats. It’s a style that suits Ms Cole overall. Her sharp delivery and attitude lace throughout the track and pick the album up from the previous slump. Thankfully, it’s also strong enough to carry over following mess Raindrops.
How to describe Raindrops? Messy. Hectic. Whiny. I’d rather listen to all of George W. Bush’s speeches back to back without break. Enough said.

Thankfully, the delightful Hummingbird swoops in to make the album soar back up to its great heights. It’s light and airy. Bright and bubbly. Cole has a cheerful delivery and a general feel good attitude that carries throughout the song.

Anyone who didn’t know what style of song suited Cole will learn quite quickly that it’s R&B as soon as they hear Better to Lie featuring August Rigo. Cole literally shines with ability and slick delivery throughout the entire track.

With a complete jaw drop included, Cole raps her way through Let’s Get Down. Would the Real Miss Cole please stand up? Even more astounding is that she’s not terrible at it. She carries the tune and beat of the song and hits the mark with her rapping. It’s not something you want her to do full time and the inclusion of Will.I.Am matches Cole’s rapping ability quite nicely.

Happy Tears is a beautiful track with stunning instruments. The song has been put together in amazing fashion with the music matching the easy listening of Cole’s voice. The backing music sounds reminisce of Clocks by Coldplay. The song is one you can play a couple of times over and still love.

Rounding out the album is the electro/R&B styled piece Waiting which samples and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton in a spectacular fashion, even including a sample of Carlton’s voice. The song does sound amazing. It’s energetic, it’s refreshing, it’s honest. It’s also definitely one of the standout tracks on the album.

All in all, Messy Little Raindrops, is a solid release. It’s got good moments, two bad moments and several standout tracks. It shows that Cole is quite capable of breaking out of her Girls Aloud mould. She’s certainly proven she’s got ability. If you aren’t desperate to buy this album, at least listen to it.

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