Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Live Performance - Hannah Acfield

Live Performance - Hannah Acfield

Last night, for the first time in over 10 years, I was lucky enough to witness Hannah Acfield on stage. Many years ago, I saw her on stage at a school dance singing a cover of Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt.

Since those days, Hannah has gone on to become a great piece of Australian talent. She is a singer/songwriter and has spent a lot of time perfecting her craft.

Sweeping onto stage shortly after 11 pm at The Empress Hotel in Fitzroy, she proceeded to show what a talented woman she is. Even after being sick all week, she took it in her stride and made references to her ability to mimic Jimmy Barnes at the current time.

Her set list had songs from both her EP's. From the title track of her debut release My Tomorrow to the her closing encore cover of Jolene by Ray LaMontagne, Hannah had the audience's undivided attention. Glancing around the venue, people were stopping conversations to listen to Hannah singing.

Hannah interspersed some idle talking during each song. With jokes about her bass guitarist being single to her mother being a good dancer, despite the fact that she couldn't be there on the night.

Hannah Acfield is a beautiful singer/songwriter and a brilliant performer. The night was highly anticipated and well worth the wait of 10 plus years to see her performing again.

Hannah's albums can be ordered via her website

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