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Music Review: Signum - For You

Music Review: Signum - For You

Since 1997, Signum has been a leading name in the world of trance. They have preformed at Gatecrasher events worldwide and remixed many of the industry heavy weights like Delerium, ATB, Armin Van Buren and OceanLab over the years. Signum is a household name, even if you don't realize it.

Now, after two years of careful preparation, they have released their stunning artist album For You.

Cinematical is the opening track which blends electronica, trance and makes it sound like a mixture of water and music playing from the distance. The effect is magnificent to watch. The track is thrilling and as crisp as the early hours of a new day.

Following is the lush vocal track Gonna Take Time featuring Antonia Lucas. The music is warm and surrounding. It's beauty is certainly something to behold. Surprisingly for a dance track produced for a predominately trance outfit, the inclusion of the piano is stunning and fits with Lucas' luscious tones wondrously.

The pair gradually raise the tempo and energy of the album until you hit Liberate which includes the vocals of Kate Louise Smith. To be honest, this was the track that caught my attention to buy the album. It was featured in Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance podcast 148. It's certainly a track which you will either love or hate. To some it's repetitive and to others it's hypnotic. Personally, I find it be delightful. The energy that the track generates is something to behold. Mix that with the stunning vocal delivery, and it's almost reminisce of Drifting Away by Lange back in 2002.

Following directly after is another track which was featured in the State of Trance podcast 149. It's Never Be The Same featuring Julie Thompson. The track actually manages to sound even more energetic believe it or not. Thompson's voice is light and breezy and wholly attractive. When you listen closely you can hear, I'm not sure which, pipes or flutes playing in the background. The overall effect is riveting, engaging and enthralling.

After the last two vocal classics, we move back into the instrumental dance orientated direction. Beginning the sequence is Addicted. Now this track is easy to love with it's driving beat and happy melody. Now this is a track that was ready made to become a classic before it's release. The sensuality of the music is enrapturing and captivating. It's easy to become quite taken, or even smitten, with the track.

Way back when in 1999, there was a single. It was called Coming On Strong. It was a pure track. It was a trance track. It was and still is a favorite of many. It stood the test of time. Now, in 2010, we have a revitalization of this time honored monument of trance history. CoS 2010 is as epic now as it was originally. The words just aren't available to be able to aptly describe this song.

Healesville Sanctuary is easily recognizable as having Roger Shah influence it. The track is a cross between a Signum signature track and a trance based emotive song. The track won't make you burst into tears. It won't make you laugh like a madman. It will catch your breath and dare you to say that it isn't a stunning track. The work and effort that has been put into crafting this track earns it near masterpiece status.

Both Beyond This Earth and Centurion are proof positive that Signum know what they are doing and a beacon of light for the trance world of which many seemed to be becoming disillusioned. Both tracks are reminders of what is right with dance music. The driving beats. The sacred melody. The thump and grind that just calls from the dancefloor. Elevating and enthralling. The two tracks are a journey that can't be shared. 

Finally, Ancient World finishes the album. It's almost devastating to see that the album is over. Why should this be allowed to happen? Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Even musical masterpieces such as this must eventually finish playing. The ambient, downtempo sensation of the music that is enriched with nostalgia does for this album what Serenity did for Armin Van Buuren's album Shivers. It rounds it off nicely and leaves you wanting to hit the play button all over again.

Is this album worth purchasing? Hell yes. It's everything that people have been complaining that trance music has been missing over the last few years. It's driven. It's enthralling. It's entrancing. It's hypnotic. It's the dance album that you need to but this year and have playing so loud that even your neighbors will love it. Signum have released a stunning piece of work that will live on for years to come.

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