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Music Review: The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning

Music Review: The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning

A few weeks back, there was a notice about a new track from The Black Eyed Peas called The Time (Dirty Bit). At the time, it was met with mixed reception but since then, it has gone on to become quite a popular track. In light of that, the band have now release the follow up album to the international smash hit album The E.N.D. and it's called The Beginning

Going in a new direction from where they came, the group seems to now be more electronic then hip hop. All the original elements are still there but it's just changed the feel of the music. It's not detrimental to the band at all, it's actually quite the opposite. The new sound is fantastic and very listenable.

The first track, as we know, is The Time (Dirty Bit) and it's been getting heavy radio play and thumping out in a lot of clubs recently. If you haven't heard it, there's something wrong with your ears. It is literally playing everywhere and more and more people are starting to love it.

Some of the other tracks have a distinct 80's feel. A prime example is the the third track Love You Long Time. The synth heavy opening is reminisce of music decades past. Most people would actually find that concept quite comforting. After all, who wants to relive the mullet, shoulder pads and leg warmers? Well, this track will certainly be a little reminder of that era. Fortunately it's a great track and one that can be played over and over.

The biggest reminder of their hip hop background comes to the fore on Do It Like This. It's still got quite a heavy electronica influence but it's tempered out by the vocal performance.  It's actually quite refreshing and a nice change of pace. This track will sit quite well on their greatest hits album (whenever in the future it may be release) with some of their earlier works.

Listening to the album in it's entirety, it's easy to hear that their work with David Guetta has influenced the music they write. Some of the Guetta's trademark 'ticking' appears on some of the tracks. Whether or not  they are conscious of it remains to be seen but it's not a bad overall effect.

Venturing into near ballad territory is Just Can't Get Enough. It's not a ballad, don't worry.  It starts to stray in that direction that way though. Fergie's vocals are beautiful and sweet. She actual sings in a higher pitch which suits her voice quite well. It's an enjoyable track with a nice mix of beats and sentimentality.

All in all, this is a phenomenal release. It's an amazing blend of electronica and hip hop. It's setting an all new standard for other music makers to live up to. The quartet work well together and have released hit after hit with their work. No album has been lack-luster and this album is no exception. As their track Play It Loud says:

"I pledge my allegiance,
To rhythm and sound.
Music is my medicine,
Let the rhythm pound."

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