Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music Review: Deadmau5 - 4x4=12

Music Review: Deadmau5 - 4x4=12

Who doesn't love an awe inspiring dance release? Who doesn't love a music maker who wears a huge mouse head while performing? Throw these two together and you have Deadmau5, a Canadian music make (don't call him a DJ). He's back with his latest album, 4x4=12 and ready to, again, remind the world just who he is. A very talented man who is quite skilled at his art and this release is no different. With his own flare, he mixes in doses of house and electronica to create dancefloor bliss.

Each and every piece of music on the album is easily recognizable as a Deadmau5 original. The beats, the thump, the feel. The arrangements all have a familiar feel, yet maintain a certainly uniqueness that makes this release as anticipated as any of his previous efforts.

For anyone who loves the dance festival sound, will absolutely adore the track Sofi Needs a Ladder with guest vocalist Sofi Toula. It's the type of song that you expect to hear thumping out on a hot afternoon while grinding along to a steady beat at your favourite musical festival.

Other listeners have fallen in love with tracks Animal Rights which is, strangely, reminisce of Human After All which was originally made by Daft Punk. Don't worry though, this is still an original piece and going to be playing for some time yet.

It really is hard to pick out major highlights with this album as there are just so many amazing tracks. It really is quite fascinating how such a big dose of awesome can be contained within 11 tracks. The epic track of the album though, coming in at over 10 minutes, is Cthulu Sleeps. Worried that a track that length will put you to sleep? You obviously haven't heard the track then. The steady build, the journey, the excitement and the crescendo. You really aren't ever coming down.

Sorry to the listeners who want to hear so half-assed rehash of Faxing Berlin, Jaded or even Strobe. You aren't going to find it on this album. This is all fresh tracks and there's no going over already walked paths. There's a reason Deadmau5's music is called progressive. That's because it is and it's certainly moving forwards and creating entire new possibilities of where to go with electronica in the future.

This album will have fans screaming, dance floors jumping and the subwoofers thumpings. It's all the good things of dance music which seems to have disappeared over the years. It's a solid release that is going to entice so many more people into the fold. The album parties hard and everyone listens. To relive your favourite dance festival, grab this album. You won't be disappointed.

4x4=12 is out now!

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