Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Review: Glee Cast - Glee: The Music, Volume 4

Music Review: Glee Cast - Glee: The Music, Volume 4

Well there's a surprise. Christmas is just around the corner and what happens? Sony drop a new album from one of TV's most popular shows at the moment. Yes, Glee has now released it's fourth soundtrack just in time for parents to stuff it into their tween's Christmas stocking.

Okay, so now that the derision over the timing of the release is out of the way we, we can actually look at the album. Look, like all of their releases you know that it is going to be half way decent and up to par with the rest of the releases.

Covering the likes of Britney Spears, Joan Osborne and Katy Perry - there really is no shortage of music on this album and somehow, Sony has managed to showcase it all in just 18 tracks. From the memorable Me Against The Music featured on the Britney Spears tribute show to the heartbreakingly tender One of Us which the gang performed after Kurt's father was in hospital. 

The album even features several solo's. Yes, sorry, it was inevitable. Rachel was going to get her own solo. I, like so many others, do wish she would just shut the hell up but unfortunately, the producers seem to like her. Saving the album from falling to pieces after Rachel's wailing solo is Kurt with his version of I Want to Hold Your Hand.

There isn't really too much that can be said about this album because you know what all the songs sound like if you watch the show. It would have been nice if Mark Salling had been able to include one of his own solo style songs as found on his album Pipe Dream but due to the target age group (read as: Tween), it wouldn't really work if included. Shame.

So yes, it is a good album. Yes, the kids can sing. Yes, the Sony marketing machine wants your money for another Christmas stocking stuffer. People of all ages will enjoy the release if they want a bit of light fluff which doesn't demand too much attention.

As featured on the album, the lyrics of Teenage Dream say:

"We can dance until we die, You and I, We'll be young forever."

At least with this album we'll be young at heart. Enjoy.

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