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Music Review: David Guetta - One More Love

Music Review: David Guetta - One More Love

From his meager beginnings as a DJ in the Parisian gay club Broad, David Guetta has gone from strength to strength. He gathered a powerful reputation in both the gay and straight dance culture roping in fans from near and far. Then in 1992, fortune struck his DJ table and he met Robert Owens, a Chicago-based house music specialist who heard some of Guetta's own works and picked one to do his own vocals on. The resulting song was a hit called Up and Away. He also has the distinction of being the first French to organize Ibiza in 1996.

Since that time, Guetta has released four albums of his own work with the latest release One More Love (the third incarnation of his massively popular album One Love) having just been released to the international music market. Featuring some of the biggest names in music today doing vocals on his album, the album with its moving rhythms, solid vocal delivery and melodic beats is destined to be one of the biggest dance releases of this year. 

By now, everyone has heard the lead single When Love Takes Over featuring ex-Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. The soaring vocals combined with the intricate piano melodies have given the track mass air play worldwide. Guetta taps Rowland's talents again on It's The Way You Love Me which is going to be a welcome addition to Guetta's already extensive repertoire. It's never been a secret that Guetta is a talented song writer and his knack for knowing what the listener wants is in the spotlight with catchy lyrics, music and sounds that catch any listener's attention. The song also highlights Rowland's truly dynamic singing ability and why she has lasted song long in such a cut throat and fickle industry. 

Not content to finish with Rowland there, he blends her talents with that of rapper Ne-Yo on the surprisingly stunning duet Choose. Guetta has successfully blended the two formidable industry heavy weights into one track and used his knowledge of what sound good in a club to good use. The almost trance sounding music blends nicely with Guetta's house music roots. The music at times does overwhelm the vocal delivery from both singers leaving the end feeling a little bit rough but still an eager listening experience.

Also featuring on this latest incarnation of the album is Rowland’s song Commander which she released herself as featuring David Guetta. The song sounds superb and is the perfect blend of Guetta’s and Rowland’s individual styles. It reinforces that they are both on the top of their game when it comes to having their ear to the ground with the dance music.

No stranger to Guetta releases is Chris Willis who features on no less than four tracks throughout the album. His Gospel sounding voice rings out loud and proud over the tracks Getting Over which is reminisce of Guetta's other smash hit Love Is Gone (which is incidentally now included on the album.) The song is actually featured twice on the album. In its original format and again when it was recorded also featuring Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas fame) and LMFAO. It’s okay, I had no idea who they were either and after hearing the track, I have no real inclination to know who they are.

Willis also pops up on the outstanding track Sound of Letting Go which borders on an electronic rock song. The background music almost falls prey to stereotyped dance anthems. It starts off with almost an early to mid-90's synth track and then becomes an almost synth heavy track that belongs more in a rock category. The overall effect makes it a track that will be played frequenty. Fortunately, Willis' voice is strong enough not to be overwhelmed by the musical backing and features beautifully about halfway through when the music makes a brief pause.

It would be unforgivable to not mention the inclusion of I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas which Guetta helped write and produce for their album The E.N.D. earlier this year. The version on Guetta's album is the FMIF Remix Edit which has a more electronic feel than that on the Black Eyed Peas release. 

Enjoying much airplay at the moment is Guetta's song Sexy B***h featuring work with Akon. The singer has long been known for his melodic abilities and hip-hop attitude. Guetta has taken these two factors into account and has worked them together nicely creating a track that has an overall invitingly sexy appeal. The beat is one that you can tap your foot to quite easily and the backing music, as with many of the tracks, features an easily recognizable riff. 

Showing that Guetta is truly a master of multiple dance genres is the ambient chill out track If We Ever featuring the talents of Makeba. The music is lush and the vocal delivery relaxed and liquid. If ever there was a track readymade for featuring and headlining a Ministry of Sound Chill-out volume, this is it. The track feels like it has just fallen into place easily and leaves you just wanting to lie back and bask in the sheer beauty of the song. 
It’s at this point that we now run into Guetta’s latest smash hit with the dynamic Rihanna, Who’s That Chick? Which blends in perfectly with the rest of the album. It has the distinct Guetta feeling with the catchy riffs and lyrics. Rihanna’s voice, as always, sounds delightful but it was surprising to hear just how much they used a vocal exciter. It was unnecessary but hey, whatever blows their hair back.

Also now included on the album is his remix of the Madonna hit Revolver. It’s catchy and easy to listen to. As a whole, if you are expecting the earth to be moved, you’re not going to find it with this mix. It’s well done, just not real exciting.

As homage to where he has come from, Guetta has also included three of his past hits on the album. The World Is Mine which features JD Davis, Love Is Gone featuring Chris Willis and the track that launched him into international stardom Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walk Away). All three tracks have played integral parts in getting Guetta to where he is today. Each song with its own merit, its own piece of Guetta history and its own right to be played at a thumping level and dragging people onto the dancefloor.

The album is an amazing piece of musical creativity with Guetta traversing several different dance genres. The well constructed house and trance beats meets the laid back ambience. Guetta then ropes in some of the biggest names in the hip-hop genre to add their own magic to his music. With names like Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Kelis and Akon, how can anyone not question just what makes this man so talented that these people are lining up to work with him. The truth is in the beats, the bass and the melody. The testament to Guetta's ability stands here in the finished product. One More Love is a complete musical journey on it's own and an album which can be put on heavy rotation without fear of becoming bored with listening to it.

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