Friday, December 3, 2010

Music Review: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream?

CD Review: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream?

When faced with finding a good dance artist, it's hard to go beyond Markus Schulz. He's a man who has been remixing music since 1993 when his version of Why Is That? Fuk Dat by Sagat was released. Since then he's reworked names like Bette Middler, Madonna, OceanLab and Rank 1. With such an impressive list of names under his belt, it's almost guaranteed that his own studio album will be nothing short of phenomenal.

Do You Dream? is Schulz's fifth studio album and takes the listener on a heady experience that hasn't been seen since the release of Tiesto's Just Be album. With 16 tracks filled with trance hit after hit. Every nail has been hit on the head. His unique style of house infused trance glistens on each track with an uplifting feel each time.

Starting off strongly with Alpha State, the album sets a level that puts Schulz up amongst the masters of his genre like Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto. The steady thump of the bass and the melodic overlays are listening bliss.

This album is skillfully put together and features slick production with guest vocalists appearing on multiple tracks. Featuring on one of the album highlights, Not The Same, is Jennifer Rene who is known from tracks with Armin Van Buuren and Jose Amnesia. Her gentle tones are perfectly mixed in with the backing track and make a track which can be played time and again.

The title track Do You Dream? is a beautifully crafted piece of trance which thumps along and will no doubt be featured at dance festivals worldwide over the coming months and even years. The music takes a life of it's own and is a listening experience that will enrapture anyone who listens. Pounding base and uplifting trance melodies make this THE track to listen to on the album.

It wouldn't be right not to mention Schulz's work with the stunning Susana Lise. The track is Unsaid and there's not enough that can be said about the track to do it justice. Lise, who is best known for her work on the track Shivers with Van Buuren, has always had the soaring vocals ability which works with any music to turn a track near anthemic. The track, again, features Schulz's house/trance fusion and belongs in a night club with the bass pounding out and invading the listener's ears.

The last track to be singled out is the closing number Goodbye. Following the previously mentioned them of house meeting trance, it sings loudly with heavy bass and foot tapping yearning. The track isn't just there to be listened to, it demands attention. The music along with vocal work by Jessica Riddle, make a mood which is resplendent of Schulz's musical ability and is nothing short of amazing.

For lovers of house and trance alike, Do You Dream? is an absolute must. This album belongs in your collection and there's no question about it. This album is a dance lover's orgasm and nothing short of phenomenal. With enthralling sounds, delicious beats, heavy rhythms and divine voices, there is nothing that this album doesn't have. You want to hear this album, more to the point, you want it in your collection.

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