Sunday, December 5, 2010

Music Review: Mark Salling - Pipe Dreams

Music Review: Mark Salling - Pipe Dreams

With the glee phenomenon that is sweeping the world, it was only a matter of time before one of them released an album. Leading the charge is Mark Salling, better known for his role as Noah 'Puck' Puckerman, who has released his follow up album to Smoke Signals which he released under the working name of Jericho.

Given the basic proviso of the show, it's good to know that it isn't another 'celebrity' attempting a singing career like a certain blonde hotel heiress who's own release was met with a less than lukewarm reception. Salling, fortunately, is liable to succeed with his endeavor to pursue a recording career. 

It's actually a pleasant surprise to hear that this album isn't terrible. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Salling has done well with the song selections and has mastered several genres on the one record. From rock 'n' roll to alternative. Even a bit of 60's folk-beat era for the keen ear.

The biggest disclaimer for this album should be that if you want to hear music like you would on Glee, you are simply out of luck. Go buy the soundtrack again if that's what you want. This shows Salling's ability as an artist in his own right. His earthy tones blend perfectly with the music that's on each and every track.

In this instance, it is actually quite difficult to find absolute standout tracks or tracks to steer clear of. The easy listening capacity of each song has it's own merits. Sometimes the tracks blur but when you sit down and actually listen to the album, each song has it's own story to tell.

The first track to pull attention to is one called Higher Power which samples the iconic song I Will Survive with quite a bit of dignity and actually sounds incredibly good. The song is certainly worth a second listen if you don't catch the talent of the track first go round.

The only track that had anything resembling a real cringe was Doppleganger which has an almost country feel to it and then goes sideways when Salling attempts to rap across the track. It could almost be a track by Barenaked Ladies. It's not a bad track and it does have it's own merit (mostly the bravery to be included on this release) but it really just doesn't fit with the rest of the album.

All in all, this is a great album from the start of the first track to the closing bars of the last song. The biggest problem that Salling is likely to encounter with this release is that the music doesn't sound anything like what is on Glee. This is a solo release and showcases Salling as an adult performer and it really is to his credit. It's a strong release and has been on heavy rotation since it's release.

Pipe Dreams is out now through Universal.

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