Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Review: RJ Scott - The Christmas Throwaway

Book Review: RJ Scott – The Christmas Throwaway

One of the most heart-warming stories to have been released in a long time. It’s also one of the most heart breaking. RJ Scott is well known for her emotive writing but this time, she has pulled out all stops and made it into something truly beautiful.

The story of a young man, Zach, who has been thrown away at Christmas time. He holds a secret that his family can’t tolerate. Zachary Weston is a gay man. He has been found in the cold on Christmas eve by rookie cop, Ben Hamilton.

Scott tells an enchanting story of the relationship develops between this young vagabond, who has been brought into not only Hamilton’s life but home. The story is engrossing as you find out why Zach has left home and is living on the streets. The slow progression towards trusting people again and the way he begins to interact with Ben.

This is a gay romance story, just to let you know. It does also include explicit sexual situations between two consenting male adults. All in all though, this is a well written piece with the heart of everyone who has looked outside at Christmas time and wondered about those who have no family or are homeless and how they survive.

Watching the sincerity of the characters slowly build and the relationships develop, while not happening immediately, does build quickly and gloriously. The tale is skilfully put together and written with such an emotive voice that you can’t help but want to laugh and cry along with each character. The feelings of wanting to protect and hold the sad, laugh with the happy and cry with devastation at some of the truths that come out as the story progresses.

For those who have never read an RJ Scott story before, this is the perfect one to begin with. The story is emotive and honest. The charm of the story stands head and shoulders above so many of its peers.  The story will pull at even the coldest of hearts and remind them just how nice it is to have someone special. Especially at Christmas.

The Christmas Throwaway is out now through Silver Publishing

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  1. Oh wow Dan, what an awesome review... thank you ... rj xxxx