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Book Review: RJ Scott - The Heart of Texas

Book Review: RJ Scott - The Heart of Texas

A story of oil tycoons and Texan aristocracy. With a hint of arson, an unconventional wedding and heart breaking secrets comes a story full of twists and endearing characters. R.J. Scott has returned with the latest in her ever growing list of gay romance titles and this one is as sure to fly off the shelves as her previous stories.

Welcome to the story of the Hayes and Campbell family. Long time rivals and completely at odds with each other due to the sins of both fathers. These sins become more apparent as the story progresses.
From a son and heir (Riley Hayes) who feels cheated when it comes to dividing up the family company, he devises a plan to get back at his father and get his share. The dividing of the shares is in a contract and states that Riley must marry for love and stay married for one year. Welcome to the unconventional wedding and the perfect way to get back at his father.

Enter dashing young rancher Jackson Campbell. Riley’s husband-to-be. The contract didn’t state the gender of Riley’s spouse. The interaction between the young men is interesting to say the least. To start with anyways. The beauty of Scott’s work is the sheer indulgence in watching the characters mature in the words that lie before you.

The story has multiple other characters including mothers, sisters, nieces and brothers. The story is littered with plots and sub-plots which all tie in together with one sharp twist towards the end of the story. The book is skilfully written and thoroughly addictive. There is a certain joy from sitting to read such stories when there are so many books out there where, at the end, one can’t help but roll their eyes at the drivel that some poor publisher decided to print.

Scott’s work is its own legacy. Be warned though, this isn’t a romance story that you will buy your grandmother. The story does contain explicit sex scenes. While they are not a dire part of the book, they certainly increase the reading pleasure... if you’re into that sort of thing.

The story is a great addition to Scott’s list of titles and worth the money spent to purchase it.

The Heart of Texas is out now through Silver Publishing

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