Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Review: Sarah McLeod - Untitled EP

Music Review: Sarah McLeod - Untitled EP

The unmissable voice of Sarah McLeod has captivated listeners around Australia and overseas since before the release of Eight Step Rail with The Superjesus. Since then, she's gone from strength to strength with ARIA awards under her belt, three albums and an EP with The Superjesus, a solo album and a brand new EP.

In the lead up to her new album, Untitled EP has been released. The EP features 6 tracks of McLeod at her very best. It's a raw release. It hasn't been produced to within an inch of it's life and show cases McLeod's unique vocals perfectly.

Opening the EP is Sunny Day in LA which is bright and uplifting. An almost tropical feel where you want to sit back with some kind of cocktail served out of a coconut. McLeod's easy vocals are relaxed and enchanting. The music light and cheerful. A perfect introduction to a new musical direction from McLeod's previous rock stylings.

Forget Taylor Swift. White Horse has a new owner as McLeod unleashes her over version which leaves Swift's girly rendition lying dead in a gutter somewhere. A more emotive version of the song which matches McLeod's husky vocals perfectly. The steady build of the song in enrapturing. The song has never sounded better and, if for no other reason, it means you should buy this EP now!

Continuing the emotive tracks erupts Man The Life Boats. A return to her rock sound with the music sounding dark and mysterious. Listening to the song, it almost sounds like it should be used for the closing credits of a Wes Craven film. McLeod's voice turns this track into one of the most amazing pieces of music that has been released by an Australian artist in a long time.

Finishing the EP is This is How the Story Ends. The honesty of the song is shown in the stripped back sounds. The accompanying instruments are well blended. The vocals are sincere and stirring. There's nothing that can be faulted on this track. Listening to McLeod singing, you can't help but remember the relationship that went sour or the time spent looking back over it and working out where it went wrong. The wistfulness of the track is both heartbreaking when you identify with it and heartwarming when you realise that you aren't the only one feeling this way.

This EP is just a taste of what is to come from McLeod when she releases her new album. While the songs are demos only, they are the essence of Sarah McLeod. The darker, the emotive and the enchanting songs.

The album has a phyical pressing of 500 copies only available through her official website or it is available in digital format through iTunes. Either way, this is a truly amazing Australian artist whose career has already spanned over a decade and will enjoy the new one that's on it's way.

Untitled EP is out now through Roustabout Records

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