Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coming Soon: DJ Fresh feat Sian Evans - Louder

Coming Soon: DJ Fresh feat Sian Evans - Louder

So you know Sian Evans as the vocalist of Kosheen. She's teamed up with the amazing DJ Fresh and have dropped what is set to be one of the years biggest dance anthems.

This track is very dub step and, as a result, has come under heavy fire. Apparently, not every one likes dub step. Yeah, it is a surprise. Still, this is a testament to the ability of both Evans and DJ Fresh as they have kept their finger on the club pulse and have listened closely to what people are loving.

With Evans' soaring vocals and slick production on the part of DJ Fresh, it's an easily accessible track. Every time Evans hits the chorus, there's an urge to start pumping the fist in the air. This is certainly a collaboration that leaves most other recent releases in the genre behind. They have set the bar and they have set it high.

This is an exciting summer party tune (if you live in the northern hemisphere that is) that will rock the world around. Sorry folks, there doesn't seem to be a release date for the southern hemisphere at this stage... best bet is to add it as a favourite on youtube.

Louder is out July 3rd through Ministry of Sound

Have a look, see what you think:

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