Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book Review: Diane Adams - Rearranging Stars

Book Review: Diane Adams - Rearranging Stars

Diane Adams has successfully returned to the the literary world with her latest story, Rearranging Stars. True to typical style, Adams has written a story that tugs at the heart strings and at the corner of the lips with a smile.

It's her first outing which doesn't fall in with her The Making of a Man series. Instead, this emotional drama, introduces two brand new main characters Grey and Drake. Both are equally endearing for their own character traits. Drake, a guardian angel, with his innocence and Grey, a vigilante mechanic, with his world views.

For those confused how this could work, the answer is very simple, incredibly well. Drake becomes Grey's guardian angel. Most startling to Drake is the fact that his charge can see and hear him. Grey is special and can see the guardian angels and hear what they have to say.

Drake himself is unusual for guardian angels as well. He requests to be a guardian for gay men. Most angels, when their charge passes away, forget their charges but not Drake, he claims to remember them all. He gets asked why at one point and the response is beautiful that they deserve to be remembered and not just forgotten. Adams handles the scene with easy grace and it's one of those precious moments when you choke on your own breath at the beauty of the words.

For anyone familiar with Adams other work, they will be aware that there is more than just crying and tissues with emotional overload. There are also the scattered one liners which are throughout the story. There's also a healthy dose of smut to run your eyes over. That in itself can lead to amusement as they try to work out how to have sex without hurting Drake's wings.

There is precious little that can be said about the story without sounding like hype and that's certainly not something that Adams deserves. The more hype, the less people are going to believe it. This is certainly not the case. This is a great read and an endearing story that sits proudly on display with so many other writers of her genre and sets an all new standard to read by.

Rearranging Stars is out now through Silver Publishing

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