Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review: Diane Adams - Stronger in Your Hands

Book Review: Diane Adams - Stronger in Your Hands

So it's finally here. This on going story that chronicles the lives of Alex and Jared has hit the point where Alex is finally 18. Yes, we all know what that means. He's now legal to participate in more adult activities.

Capturing the heart, Adams characters are nothing short of breath taking. The trials and pain that each character faces stops the heart and leaves it clenched. The sadness faced by Alex's best friend, Stevie, will leave tears in the eye of even the most stone hearted reader. The flawless wording leaves nothing to the imagination of the anguish that each character bears in the story.

Fortunately, the story is not completely maudlin. There are some beautiful and uplifting moments throughout. The favourite being the very last scene where the older version of Alex and Jared are dancing together in a park while it rains after the fourth of July fireworks. The scene is moving and the words that grace the screen reveals just how truly intimate the pair are and the deep love and affection that they share.

Of course, now that Alex is 18, there is an entire other side of the story which is more focused to the adult readers out there. Jared is now introducing Alex, a man 5 years his junior, to the world of sex. It's not by any means smut in it's description. Instead, Adams has managed to made it sensual and fun. The interaction between the pair shows an entire new level of intimacy and shows just why The Making of a Man is such a heart warming series.

Do not be afraid to fall in love with the characters as their on going relationship is endearing and even after you've read the title for a second or third time. Every time you read, it feels like a voyeuristic look into the life of a couple who are committed to each other and their relationship . Thankfully, it also feels like catching up with old friends. 

Diane Adams has written a world in which you are welcome to join and love along with the people who are featured. This is recommended for anyone who isn't afraid of love in all it's forms.

Stronger in Your Hands is out now through Silver Publishing

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