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Music Review: Zoë Badwi - Zoë

Music Review: Zoë Badwi - Zoë

It's been two years in the making, but the unmistakable talent of Zoë Badwi is now recorded and ready for you to take home. This unmissable vocal powerhouse has released her first album and it's worth every cent.

From her first release back in 2009 with Release Me to 2011 with the release of Accidents Happen, Badwi has shown that Australian artists can produce absolutely amazing music. Her debut album, Zoë, is just that evidence.

The album starts thumping from the outset with the opening track Freefallin. It's a track that brings back memories of so many nights out. People moving on a dancefloor, gyrating to the beat as Badwi's voice soars to high notes that no human should be able to hit. It's certainly one of Badwi's best known tracks and a welcome inclusion to any clubbers library.

Following is the amazing track Until You're Over Me. It's got the thumping bass that we have come to know and love as part of Badwi's signature that combined with soaring vocals and slick production, leave no doubt that it is destined to join her other singles as a club staple.

For those who were wishing, praying and hoping for it's inclusion, yes, Release Me has been thrown in. The throbbing beat that we all fell in love with and threw our hands in the air to so many nights. It also plays nicely into Carry Me Home which, while still dance-like, has a much more demure approach. It's certainly a pleasant change of pace in comparison to the rest of the album.

Skipping forwards a few tracks is Reckless. The song it catchy and will get your foot tapping. It also sounds very similar musically to Wynter Gordon's smash hit Dirty Talk. The lyrics, however, prove that this is a Badwi production. 

The only other comparison on the album is One Step Behind which has a similar feel to Kylie's X album. This leaves Minogue dead in the water though. Badwi presents the song with enticing beats and seductive vocals that stimulate the ear and drag the listener's attention.

Badwi's other, lesser known, single from 2009 was In The Moment and has been included on the album. It's catchy and flashy. It's something else to behold and start dancing to. Slick production, steady beats and a healthy amount of bass mean that it's club ready and deserved more attention than it got.

Badwi does have a softer side. Included on the album is Believe You. The album's token ballad. It's a beautiful piano based track which matches Badwi's voice perfectly. For this one, stunning song, Badwi croons rather than belts out the tune. The performance has a raw and vulnerable quality to it that is endearing and heartfelt.

The album closer is The Other Side. Don't try and compare it to anything else that you know of Badwi. The minimalistic instruments at start gives way to the vocal dynamics that have, by now, come Badwi's trademark. She proves her vocal range is just out of this world with the high notes she hits. It's hard not to at least nod your head as the music ripples and entices the listener.

For a debut album Zoë Badwi couldn't have done any better. This is the strong type of album that is missing so often in today's music scene. While it sticks to primarily one genre, it excels and shows just how talented Badwi really is. This album is phenomenal and any lover of electronica will want this album.

Zoë is out 5th August 2011 through Neon Records

The latest single Carry Me Home:

And the club favourite, Freefallin:

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