Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Review: tyDi - Shooting Stars

Music Review: tyDi - Shooting Stars

Who wants one of the hottest dance albums of the year? Well, here it is. One of the hottest DJ's in not only Australia but worldwide, is here with his second phenomenal album. 

Back in 2009, Brisbane boy tyDi released his stunning album Look Closer. It turned the Australian dance scene on it's ear and set a whole new level for aspiring DJ's and electronic music artists to live up to. Many have striven but none have achieved the same standard.

Now signed to the penultimate of dance music labels, tyDi has release his album Shooting Stars on the Armada label which is known for having some of the biggest and most amazing artists on their books.

Spread over 18 luscious tracks is evidence why so many people have taken notice of this young musical mastermind. The moving music, the spectacular composition of lyrics and sound. From the opener Take A Chance to the uplifting Vanilla to the almost ambient Long Nights on Fast Planes. There is something to appease every electronica lover.

The album features some of the most known vocalists within the dance world. Gracing the track Greater Heights is Jennifer Rene who featured on the Armin Van Buuren track Fine Without You. Her is rich and full and lies over the top of the stunning and steady beats that pulse beautifully through any type of speaker.

Also appearing is Audrey Gallagher who every knows from epic track Big Sky where she appears with John O'Callaghan. The track World's Apart may not have the same anthem like qualities that Big Sky did but it is certainly captures the ear and demands attention. Even when the album plays as background music, Gallagher's ethereal voice starts to play out of the speakers and you will pay attention. The song is easily an eargasm just waiting to happen.

The sheer and simply beauty of World's Apart is so dynamically different to the following track Never Go Back featuring Brianna Holan that you will check to make sure that it is the same album. The steady, driving beats that ripple throughout the track are addictive. It's hard to look past this track as a favourite.

For those who don't know, tyDi studied at the prestigious Conservatorium of Music and has a classical background. On the closing track Ariana, you can understand why. It's an instrumental track that is unrivaled in it's beauty. The delicate piano, the gentle strings and the calm soaring percussions that glide throughout the song are stunning. There are no real words to describe the sheer rapture that can be found in listening to this track.

This album is sheer brilliance and proof positive of just how diversely talented an individual can be. From the arrangement and production, to the effort that would have been put into writing this album. 

Don't be fooled by the hype, this album is worth it. You don't just want this album, you need it. For want of a better description, this musical journey is nothing short of astounding and breath taking. This man has been touring the world, head lining music festivals and has played club after club and garnered the attention of dance lovers world wide. To understand why, listen to this album.

Shooting Stars is out now through Armada


  1. I love this album it has so much diversity, every track takes me somewhere new :) and what better track to close than ''ariana'' it punctuates the album and leaves me wanting more! where can i find more tracks like ariana? what genre would you call this beautiful piece?

  2. Ariana is one of the most amazing tracks on the album and shows just how talented TyDi is. It isn't possible to give you another track like it. The closest that I can think of off hand is Serenity by Armin Van Buuren on his 2005 album, "Shivers."
    Ariana doesn't fit into any of the common genres but could be, at a stretch, considered ambient.