Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: Diane Adams - Broken Light (Book One 'Beyond the Night' Series)

Returning to the writing scene with another stunning addition, is prolific adult fiction writer, Diane Adams. From her start with her 'The Making of a Man' series, Adams has gone from strength to strength and dabbled in different genres. The one thing that stands true is her ability to write emotive pieces and characters which are easy to relate to and feel for.

This time, Adams has gone with a supernatural theme. With the story feeling quite similar to the WB show Supernatural, Adams has captured a mood of loss and yearning for something more perfectly. The research and hunt of supernatural villains is well crafted and watching the relationship between the characters grow and come to fruition is delectable.

The story starts with the heartbreak of watching our main protagonist, Jace Bennett, going through the heartbreak of losing his one reamining family members, Wade, to the supernatural. The lose is instantly emotive and you're challenged not to feel tears tickling the corners of your eyes.

The story progresses and we soon meet Jace's romantic interest, Elias. Jace is confronted with handling feelings that he had long suppressed and desires long ignored. The revelation and consequences of these emotions leads to a breathtaking journey which any gay or bisexual man will instantly align with. Adams has captured the confusion and inner turmoil beautifully.

It wouldn't be a Diane Adams story without man on man sex. The lead up is seductive and the peak is breath taking. The emotional and physical connection between our two main leads culminates into a vibrant display that as pleasurable to the eye as it is to the two characters.

Ever the storyteller, Adams doesn't have a straight forward story. There are a couple of twists. Some predictable. Others, well, not so much. The story line is entrancing and enriched with Adams descriptive and narrative writing style.

For someone who is looking for a mystery, romance and smut story all in one... here it is. Adams is a breathtaking writer and has given this story her all. The end result? Spectacular!

Broken Light is out now through Silver Publishing

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